Mayıs 12, 2014

unfinished true story

mr frog: hi
a guy: hi, where you from?
mr frog: from austria.
a guy: yeah australia!
mr frog: no, austria, not the kangaroos came from. the territory between ... and ..., in the middle europe.
me: yes, sure.
me: i wanna role a joint.
(covering the grass with raincoat to make a straight area.)
me: have you watch the film.., extremely lo.., no sorry, everything is illuminated? your saying reminds me this film.
mr frog: yeah, of course i know it. its fantastic. how do you know this? its really amazing.
me: (laughing) i dont know, writer, maybe.
mr frog: yeah, yeah, one of the greatest. what was the name of..
me:jonathan safran
mr frog and me: foer!
mr frog: its very fantastic. perfect choice.
me: its hard to roll...
mr frog: i can make it if you want.
(a few seconds later.)
me: can i try again?
mr frog: yes, sure. i want to see you roll so much.
mr frog: why dont you put the filter?
me: i put it after i roll the joint.
mr frog: ok, i can make it.
me: but, i have a very different method.
mr frog: ne its okey, i can make it. here it is.
(after a few tryout)
me: mm, its too long...
mr frog: can i try too.
me: sure.
mr frog: yeah, its tooo longg.. i think its more easy to roll a joint with a filter. then roll it like this and... here it is.
me: best joint ever!
(yeah, it was the best. i will read more book to describe that joint but now, i cant have the perfect words.)
mr frog: no, not the best. do you want to light?
(i light the joint with two inhales while he was showing the smoke i exhale to the people.)
perfect energy, perfect people. by unperfect english.

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